365 in 2013: #231 - 241

Squeezed some time in for making collages over the weekend -  almost back on track.....

#231 - Summer Blues  - bits and pieces.

#232 - Notice More  - various text, inktense pencil outlines, drawing....

#233 - Temperance  - a composition in neutrals, old book pg edges

#234 - Braving the Climb  - magazine image, map, gelli and tissue bits

#235 - Seeing is Believing  - all text (including some gifted ones in foreign languages) w/ stamped tissue overlays

#236 - Seeing Double  - stamped tissues over text again; the pattern paper was a swap and has been spritzed with ink - very cool!
#237 - Handsome Men - this one started out to be something totally different but as I was searching for text this sentence 'revealed' itself to me, so I went with it!

#238 - Singular   - tissue and magazine image (all these on white backgrounds don't show up real great but they're done on half sheets or 6x6 squares)

#239 - Pitchers  - tissue, washi and a gardening book illustration

#240 - Bart S  -  tissue paper composition......after I scanned & looked again, it looks like Bart Simpson to me :)

#241 - Summer Discs   - Unfortunately the slight variation in neutral colors is too light to be captured by my scanner - on the right, under summer is a cool white paper with embossed polka dots.
Whew - what a lot of photos - if you stuck with it all the way to the end, Thanks!!  :)  Do you have a fave?


  1. Well, I naturally went straight to Temperance cause it's just me, but I like most of these in one way or another, especially Summer. And I can see the embossed dots on Summer.
    You're doing a great job sticking with this. I don't even begin this type of thing any longer cause I know I'm destined to fail and then it's no fun. Like New Years resolutions LOL.

  2. Wow, Notice More just jumped out at me, maybe it's the yellow. They are all marvelous......really nice work Terrie. xox

  3. summer blues.....my favourite colour....just like the other colours you have used & the composition.
    love the chest makeover....what a difference!

  4. Umm, can i pick six favourites?? seriously, they're all really well done Terrie. #232 makes me smile, loving your neutral papers again in #233, love the compositions of #239, 239 and 241, and, of course, Mr. Bart!! xx


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