busy, busy

I haven't forgotten my blog, my blogging buddies, or my art - I've just been busy.  Since returning from vacation, we jetted off for a weekend in Reno to celebrate Dan's mom's 90th birthday with family.  Then, the most time consuming thing.....I'm editing a book Dan has written.  It's a management book that he intends to self-publish and we want it to be as well written as possible.  I'm now on my second edit and think I probably have one more read through to go.  It's very time consuming and I'm finding I miss my art, miss my connection to the art world and miss blogging......but, I'll be back! :)  Soon, I hope.

The only art making I've done recently is some postcards to send out in response to some beauties I've received.  And I don't even have time this morning to post them.  sigh.

Dan will be out of town this upcoming long weekend and I can't wait to sneak some time away from the editing and reacquaint myself with my art room!

Here are a couple pics I took in Reno......


  1. Fantastic photos Terrie! Love the rust, crusty......xox

  2. Beautiful photos as always Terrie, I love the bottles in the window particularly, what a fab shot.
    Hope you have lots of fun in your studio over the weekend sweetie, enjoy.
    Hugs x

  3. These are amazing photographs, Terrie!

  4. Hi Terrie, I love the contrast of tulip and weathered siding... and the way the cup mirrors the worn wood. You have a good eye for setting up a Kodak moment! Honi

  5. Gorgeous photos Terrie. I hope Dan's book is a wild success! xx


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