365 in 2013: #101-107

Although I fell a little behind in my collage making, I did make a few while on vacation.  I had taken a few precut bases so then just used brochures and magazines, etc. found on the trip to make my collages.....

#101 - love to cruise

#102 - juicy

#103 - freestyle

#104 - jammin'

#105 - vacation possibilities

#106 - shoppin'

#107 - fun in the sun  - started with a beachy magazine page and collaged on top using all the yellow I could find in the magazine

Now I'm home and back to the real world and playing catch up on my 365 collages......I've been watching the blogs of other participants and see them staying right on top of it so that provides the inspiration and impetus to keep me moving....  Thanks to Lorinda, Hanna (who started the whole thing) and Tammy among others for staying focused! :)


  1. You certainly are committed...collaging on holiday. LOVE them all, but the beachy one really speaks to me.

  2. Great use of your leftover bits on vacation. I am away in Asheville BC and have only taken two photos. Xox

  3. These are great fun Terrie! I like that you used what you had at hand and came up with some wonderful collages. Definitely inspiring my for my upcoming trip... xx (thanks for the shout-out!)

  4. What a wonderful use of limited materials. They also serve as something of a trip journal. I bet if you look back on them years from now they will bring back the sights, sounds, smells, feelings of your vacation. Welcome home!
    (and alas, I am NOT one of the artists who has stayed on top of the challenge. I haven't given up, but my painting class has dominated all of my free time.)

  5. Shoppin! Fun In the Sun!

    cool stuff.

  6. I especially love freestyle.


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