365 in 2013: #133 - 141

Here we go again ..... a few more collages.  I pulled out my Collage Lab book by Bee Shay to try some fresh approaches so these next efforts are as a result of randomly opening the Lab book and interpreting the lesson.

#133 - One More     (one more from veneer, not the book)

#134 - Graphics  - the Lab lesson was to make an initial composition using solid, geometric shapes then use the composition as a template for a collage using images. See the similarities between these two? The bird pic is a photo I took.

#135 - Graphics II -    here's the image interpretation of my template above; both of these were made on the cardboard from a Pepsi box and randomly painted

#136 - Garden Delight   - Lab #12 was to use tinted gesso to obscure part of the background (I used a vintage botanical print) and then add only a few collage elements

#137 - Texture Galore  - Lab #5 is about working with cardboard; cutting it, tearing it, making different shapes and then layering those elements - this one was fun.

#138 - Geometry   - no more Lab collages for now; just playing with shapes

#139 - Butterfly Dance  - napkin, paper towel that I cleaned brushes on, gifted painted papers on a lavender cardstock base (with a butterfly from wrapping paper).

#140 -  Triangles   - long and skinny cardboard covered with some of my nicer paper bits

#141 -  Sitting Alone   - Lots of thick textured papers and a bird cutout

After all the collages I posted this week, I'm still not caught up!  This is through 141 and if I were on target I'd be showing you #151.  But, only 10 behind.....I'll catch up soon, I just feel it!  Though this weekend is a busy one, I'll try to find time to make a few.

Teaser:  I started a mixed media piece last weekend too and have been working on it a little at a time.....it's interesting watching it develop.  I'm trying to make layers and layers of color, pattern, interest.  My tendency is to stop after 3 or 4 layers and think it's enough so I develop the 'top' layer or finished piece.  I'm going for 8-10 layers this time....I want to be drawn into the picture and be able to see all that wonderful depth.  It doesn't come naturally, but I'm going to persevere!  First photos to come soon.....


  1. I especially like 137,139 & 140. I love collages and I think you are exceptionally good at them. You have a very good eye. Thanks for sharing

  2. you have me quite intrigued by this mixed media piece you're working on. I can't wait to see it. Smart idea to take out your collage lab book for inspiration. I'm trying to get back into the daily collage habit after a six week hiatus and it's like I've forgotten how to do it!

  3. You are fast becoming the collage Master Terrie. Love the Texture Galore one.

  4. That's quite a range of exciting collage pieces there. More wood veneer, lovely butterfly dance, stitching goodness and bold graphics, bravo! xox

  5. Really gorgeous collages! and icad is a good place to do a few more...love your work!


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