AEDM #28

Today is Thanksgiving here in the states.  My creativity is going to be in the kitchen, trying a couple new recipes to share for dinner.

I don't do food pics very well - so, instead, I want to share a few things I'm thankful for this year.

** My family:  (then)
(and now)
We're all healthy, we have jobs (no small feat these days!), we enjoy being together and playing games and yelling at the TV during football season; Dan and I are so proud of our boys!

** My siblings and friends - we've had several friends with severe health scares this year and been lucky enough to survive breast cancer and brain aneurysm and more - we're so thankful they're healthy and here to enjoy Thanksgiving with their families.

** Time, space and supplies to create to my heart's content.  Well, maybe not quite enough time......

** My cute little new-ish car that runs with no problems!

** Living in gorgeous Seattle close to my boys.
our newer skyline with the addition of the ferris wheel on the waterfront
** My blogging buddies - I'm so thankful for this group of people I've discovered. I'm so appreciative of the support and encouragement, the helpful tips and guidance, the inspiration, the shared bits of our lives.  I must have said this before some time in the couple years I've been blogging, but I'm so seriously surprised at the truly caring way these delightful people connect with each other and are SO inclusive and positive. It's really amazing, don't you think?  I had no idea I'd be so connected to people I've not met and yet know all sorts of things about and look forward to hearing from them.

** Mail art - I am SO glad I started down the path of mail art and look forward to checking my mail every day.  I love the opportunity to make my little pieces of art and send them out into the world and sure hope that they make others smile when they're received.  Viva mail art!! :)
one of my file boxes of received postcards - ain't it loverly?!?!?!!
To all of you, Happy Thanksgiving.  I wish you a day filled with loving family/friends, enough food to eat (and maybe have some leftovers), and time to relax and enjoy the day!