365/3 - classwork

This week's work is again all for my class w/ Jane Davies ..... only have one more lesson.  What a challenging journey this has been!  This week's lesson is to create pieces that are 80% monochromatic, but interesting, with 20% "something different" - either in color, technique, whatever.  These are all 9x12 on Dick Blick 'cheap paper' (80 lb)

#66-73 - I'll just share a few of the more successful efforts:
Transformed a blue/green background into this gold one with marks in graphite and some collage added.

This piece started with a blue/purple background (you can see remnants of the purple here and there) with a bright bit of collage as the 'something different'.

I quite like the interesting blue monochrome here - lots of value shifts and shapes created over collage. I don't think the black 'focal point' is successful....it's a bit too strong. Maybe I should have made 2-3 smaller black shapes instead of this single one..... ?

I like the composition and line work though it might be a bit bland.

This is one of my favorites.  I like the interest in the background and the 'something different' is interesting too.....what do you think?

Hope you have a very creative week!


  1. Wonderful results Terrie. I don't think that #4 is 'bland' at all. The construction of the design and the little peep of pink gives it plenty of interest. I love the strength of line and simplicity of #5. In #3 that black could have dragged you out, but your red line has kept you in the image. Bet you're pleased with yourself.

  2. Landscape and architecture called to me. xox

  3. Another good batch of paintings. Think I like the 4th one best.


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