year end collages

I fell woefully behind in my 365 endeavors in December - the holidays totally used up all my time and energy - and that's as it should be.  So, even though I technically didn't finish in 2013, I really wanted to finish my 365 collages.  Rather than show you all 40, I'll just share a few of my faves.

The next couple collages I made after being inspired by my friend Lorinda's stripe series

A bit of silliness.....  (I watched Finding Neverland while I was too sick to do much else and that inspired me to be ..... silly).

The following I made challenging myself to use just three elements......

Thanks so much for sharing my collage journey with me - I'm proud of myself for sticking with the project, pleased that I tried new techniques and new styles.  It was such a rewarding journey - but I'm not sure I'm quite ready to jump in and commit to another year.....

Hope you all enjoyed a safe and fun New Year's.  Here's to a productive, creative, and exciting 2014!