icad #5, 6 and some 365 collages

Two collages on my index cards today.  An experiment in flowers which I'm not in love with. Too busy for me.  Both are also counting as #142 and 143 in my 365 collages (love that double duty thing).

There's plenty of time to join in - and it's easy to do something creative with an index card, right?  Tammy at Daisy Yellow is hosting so visit her for details and inspiration.


  1. Hi Terrie
    If you tinkered with the second and maybe replaced the red flowers with words I believe it would really pop.
    Stay inspired!

  2. Oh I like these pieces. Yes lots going on but there is a certain energy vibe you have created. Great stuff. xox

  3. sometimes I think I learn more from the pieces I don't like than from the ones I do. often people love the pieces I hate, so it's not some black and white "this is ugly" kind of thing. it really makes me stop and evaluate what I don't like about it, which pushes me to consider what I could do to change it, or what I could do next time, and so I grow. index cards are such a great place for these kinds of experiments!

  4. I don't like willy-nilly collages, and these are NOT. I see grids in each one, with an accent image.

    I can sort of see why you think they're too busy. Could it be the colors? Or the different sized flowers? I personally like the collages, because beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.


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